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Marine services



Marine services
We have been working in the field of marine services for many years and we have the expertise to make us distinguished in this field. We are always ready to provide all types of marine services in all Egyptian ports with high quality efficiency in order to be confident of our customers.
We have trained our technicians to provide all experienced and highly qualified marine services because we always train our team to win the trust of our customers.
We provide the following services to our clients and after the completion of the task assigned to us, we give the customer a certificate of formal completion of the task entrusted to us.
a- Garbage, Sludge & Slops removal
b- Fumigation service
c- Fire, Rescue & Safety inspections
d- Underwater inspection
Maintenance and Repairs

Disposal service
Garbage Disposal with original certificate   
Sludge Disposal with original certificate  
Slops Disposal with original certificate 
We doing all our mission under own licenses from Red Sea port Authority


Fresh water Supply

We aim to be “1st Choice” Marine Fresh Water Supplier in the waters of Egyptian Ports
By own barges we can supplies all kind of ships in our area, Quality is our main concern and we will deliver only the best quality products and workforce to ensure we give our best to our clients. We ensure quick efficient and smooth operations of vessel at competitive rates with professional crew with fast efficiently services.

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