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Husbandry Services



Husbandry Services:

Your partner in port, providing you tailor-made solutions for your husbandry needs. As a trusted extension of your team, we keep your port stays short and your ships on the move.
We were impressed with your quick response time during our husbandry port call and how easy it is for us to get in touch with our global agent for any issues or help we need 24/7 – It has been a real time saver for us. Not to mention how cost effective it has been!

Crew change 

Can arrangement of crew changes at all major Egyptian ports where required.

Please find relevant information and instruction for Crew / Personnel embarking / disembarking at Port Said and Suez attended by 7 Seas shipping at Suez Canal transit.
• D.O.B, Nationality, Passport no. and expiry date, Seaman’s book no and expiry date Rank
Flight Info: (To, From, Airline, Flight Number, Departure / Arrival Dates & Timings) PTA ref, E-ticket ref
Note: All flights are through Cairo Airport, EGYPT.
• Documentation & Visa Requirements:
Joining Crew should hold an introduction letter from owners detailing ship's name, arrival port and Canal agent's name. Officers should bear their license of competency.
Repatriating Crew should hold valid seaman's book & passport.
We recommend that PTA tickets are collectable from Cairo Airport and NOT from any Cairo town office.
Repatriating flight tickets are to be detailed to us prior to off-signer disembarkation from vessel.
Philippine and all other nationalities not hereby already mentioned, are required to obtain an ‘Ok to Board’ letter from us and must have a Guarantee letter prior to arrival. Thereafter Visa can be granted on arrival Cairo airport.

To ensure a timely 'handover' between changing crew, we recommend that On-signers embark at Port of Entry and Off-signers disembark at Port of Exit. Example: If vessel transit is Northbound, On-signers embark in Suez and Off-signers disembark in Port Said. Vice-versa for southbound transits.
Our crewing department will assist you hereafter.

Delivery parcels
Spare parts-Documents

Kindly ensure that parcels will arrive latest 48 hours prior to vessel's arrival. Finally, please ensure that all wooden boxes/pallets are fumigated before shipment (and marked with the related country's fumigation stamp). Spare parts arriving Egyptian Airports which are not stored in Fumigated wooden Boxes/pallets and without the fumigation stamp on the wooden box/pallet will be rejected by Agriculture Quarantine Authority and subject to immediate re-export to place of origin for your own account. Forwarding the shipment to next port will not be possible.

Consignee in the AWB must be written as follow:

AWB MUST show 'Ship's spares in transit'

All parcels MUST be marked with AWB no.

All Original documents must accompany the cargo and detailed packing list should be included in the shipment.

All documents should be included in the pouch attached to the AWB. No documents Should be placed inside the parcels.

Original AWB (with minimum two copies).

Upon dispatch,


must be notified together with copies of commercial invoice + AWB + detailed packing list. 


We deliver CTM transfers safely from bank to master on board  With cheap price for Bank charges, insurance, handling  

Delivery charges for Cash To Master (Bank charges, insurance, handling):
Min. USD 100 - 999 = USD
USD 1,000 - 3,000 = USD
USD 3,001 - 29,999 = USD
More than USD 30,000 = 1%
Please send all inquiries to

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