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Crew Agency Services



For owners
As per client`s request, 7 Seas shipping Egypt can provide all necessary Crewing services.
Our services include:
• - Assessment and selections of appropriate seafarers according to owner’s requirements;
• - We are able to man a vessel completely, taking care about the crew changes and all related questions.
• - We check references from previous employers (references, appraisals forms, sea service records);
• - Test the professional knowledge. We check of seafarers’ professional skills;
• - We check documents for validity and compliance with STCW 2010
• - Test knowledge of English Language (by interview);
• - Medical fitness (According with international regulations, all seamen are medically examined only at specialized marine medical institutions and all seafarers are subject to Alcohol and Drug test before employment to ensure they are not Alcohol and Drug dependent, what is ensure that crew members fit for service );
• - Seafarers’ familiarization with the Company’s policies and requirements;
• - Correspondence and document formalities.
We can take care of any requirements fast and efficiently.

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